This is a forbidden Web site. Why are you here?

While you wait for your pre-detainment interrogation, answer the following questions. You’ll need a perfect score to be considered for early release.

Which of the following statements is true?

Which poker hand is the best?

The game is being played with an ordinary 52-card deck and there are no wild cards. (As you’d expect, “best” means the best chance of winning the pot.)

The Game Show

A stack of cash bills.

David is on a game show. In one of three envelopes is a large cash prize while the other two are stuffed with worthless play money. The envelopes, which look identical, are labeled A, B, and C. Before David picks anything, the host explains the rules. Once David chooses an envelope, the host is going to open and show David one of the remaining envelopes filled with play money and then give David a choice: stay with his pick or switch to the other unopened envelope. David picks envelope A. The host opens envelope B and shows that it contains worthless play money. David decides that he’s going to switch to envelope C.

What are David’s odds of winning the cash?

Change for a dollar?

What’s the largest value of money you can have in common U.S. coins but still not be able to make exact change for a dollar?

Bounding Goats

Mountain Goat Illustration

A mountain goat is scaling a steep cliff that’s 60 feet high. Every second, the goat bounds upward three feet but then slips back two feet. How many seconds does it take the goat to reach the top?